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At the end of the decade, the vision for sonic branding’s future becomes clear: the ubiquity of digital media and screenless interfaces requires brands to have an overarching strategy for their brand sound and a consistent sound identity across this vast media ecosystem.

We live immersed into sound of all kinds – voices, songs, soundtracks. 
These deeply influence our overall behavior, including the perception we build around brands. 

As we move into a digital, obiquitous world that is more and more populated by screenless interfaces, sound branding becomes even more paramount for a truly holistic brand identity.

That means a recognizible, channel-agnostic brand signature that can live across the full media ecosystem.

This is when Koe comes into play – we are here to help you strategically develop your own voice

There is no need to say how important it is for your brand to have the right look & feel
But, have you asked youself: how does my brand sound like?

Limiting the reach of your brand strategy to images might have worked well in a pre-digital era, but things are moving faster than ever, with consumers expecting from brands cross-channel services that can be experienced through all kind of media – some of which have 
no visual component entirely.

Contemporary sound branding is no longer about solely having an audiologo, but rather adopting a comprehensive approach that can make all your audio output messages unique,
but coherent and recognizable at the same time.

Sound is everywhere:

create an integrated communication ecosystem

Convey the sound assets to the right


Extensive research has shown how sound massively impacts the efficacy of any form of branded communication, 
especially when it comes to strenghten brand identity and consistency

However, the aspect of sound is too often underrated by companies and agencies when developing and sharing media. 

Our workshops were designed to educate marketing and communication professionals at approaching sound as a key-component of any content strategy, with the ultimate aim of creating more powerful and memorable messages while staying true to each brand’s positioning.

Sound Matters

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